Une chat noir

Today was a nice day. I started at 8. And in the pause I’ve been ask to take photo’s at our Halloween school party! how nice. so I’ll but some cat ears, a nose with cat whiskers and cat lenses. and I’ll wear a black dress. pictures will come Friday! and further nothing really happened made some pics with my back cat. she’s named devil! and i want a nickname! like xx Jojo. what do you think about it? All my friends call me Jojo so. but still i have no clue! you’ll hear it Friday! till Friday! xx Joy



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  1. 11/03/2009 / 22:45

    wat een lieve poes zeg!
    en i like the lace legging

  2. 11/18/2009 / 20:39

    o my gosh! die kat lijkt zo erg op mijn kat! die heet samira en heeft PRECIES dezelfde oogjes.

    p.s; m'n imonline: imonline/fashionologie

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