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heey! it’s been a while. -again. but i was studying all week! i have pre exams this week! and i’m studying my but off! yesterday i worked and saturday my nice came and we made some pics outside! i do like them. the ohter one is made with my phone this morning. i have a day off today so we can study. i’m going to school later. and i’ll be there till six. and thats all for last week. i guess. but wendsday is my last pre exam day so i’ll post wednesday! Xx Joy


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  1. 11/24/2009 / 18:30

    ahh ik ben echt jaloers op jouw hoofd, je bent een mooi meisje! en succes met je exames (:

  2. 11/28/2009 / 17:19

    Leuke foto's :D.En haha, wist niet dat jij die naam ook had! ;P

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