haai my loves! i’m still very nervous about my grades from my pre-exams! i had 6 and i got a feeling only 2 went well. but lets wait. today i had to work again. it wasn’t that busy. i mean like you’re gonna go to the beach with this weather? but ok. yesterday i could shop! i bought shoes -again. haha my bff E thinks i have too many shoes. but shoes make me happy! and they attracted me some how. i just love it with a black dress or with a pink top jeans and those heels! but i also bought hair clips. a legging i looked for one like that all summer. and now i Finlay found one for only one euro! i just couldn’t resist =p and the hat. well i just like hats and just a jeans black heels and the hat i like it! and wen i came home from shopping my mom bought me this wonder full juicy couture bag! and i’m gonna change my name! and i will make a new banner this week! Xx Jojo


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  1. 12/01/2009 / 20:58

    woossh jouw dingen zijn echt geweldig <3
    dat tasje was vast heel duur of viel het mee? 😛

  2. 12/02/2009 / 17:59

    ja klopt! maar ik kreeg ook helemaal uitslag van die smink.

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