Nothing lasts for ever, not a boy not a fight with a friend

haay guys! wow it is a miracle i have time to post. well actually i should be making a English presentation about the lack of donors. ghe ghe no comment! well i started the day with a biscuit with chocolate sprinkles! hhmm it’s all yummy in my tummy! and it was a boring school day just like yesterday and just like it will be tomorrow… and when i came home i made some pics and now i really have to make my presentation otherwise i will die! no just kidding but i have to make it! lots of love! Xx Jojo


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  1. 12/05/2009 / 12:46

    oeh mooie fotos! <3
    die eerste ziet er lekker uit mjamjam gehehe.
    mooie sjaal <3

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