Across the street

“Friday I had a geat party -and I really mean great. Saterday, sunday and today I’ve worked 11 hours a day. Exept for today today only 6,5 hours. But you can see my point of not posting after 11 hours of work. So today after work I planned to take some photo’s before I had to babysit when I found this letter.
Dear girl,
I think it’s time for you to let go of him.
He has hurt you and me too many times.
Just let the memories fade.
It’s time to leave him behind…
I know it will be hard,
but it’s for the best.
Trust me.
Remember always follow your heart.
And everything will be fine.
Love always,
Your heart.

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  1. 05/25/2010 / 03:30

    just like a cacoon opening up as a butterfly spreads its wings for the first time and is set free into the big blue sky <3


  2. 05/25/2010 / 16:25

    waaauw mooi briefje! & je hebt werkpower haha!
    mooie foto's.

  3. 05/26/2010 / 09:29

    Thankyou darling ,
    loove the picture's

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