There’s no absolutes in life, only vodka

“ How are you guys doing? Had so much fun yesterday night. Nice party at a friend’s house. Had a little too much to drink. And a friend made a high score on my phone, and I was trying to beat it. but while tipsy it is very hard! Someone made a picture of it, it’s kinda cute? Haha just a crazy night. Today me and the crazy girl were in bed all day just watching tv. Did as less as possible, haha. It was a surprise when I uploaded the photo’s to my laptop. Anyways, enjoy your sunday :)”

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  1. 11/28/2010 / 13:24

    en ik vind die foto waarop je dat spelletje speelt echt fantastisch;p

  2. 11/28/2010 / 13:51

    Leuke foto's!, mooie blingbling mobiel 😀

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