One year and forever

Me and my girl are now one year together! Haha funny, isn’t it? unbelievable i’ve only known her for a year. She is the best! But for now we are plannig a bbq and we running to get the cake and other stuff so kinda busy. Will post the pictures this weekend, do have to work the next two days.. Try to post them tomorrow! Enjoy the lovely weather 🙂


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  1. 04/23/2011 / 15:10

    echt een super leuke foto's! en echt leuk dat jullie al een jaar lang zulke goeie vriendinnen zijn!

  2. 04/25/2011 / 19:37

    I like your blog !
    If you like French fashion, I invite you to visit mine and tell me what you think 🙂 and maybe follow if you like, because it means a lot to me !


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