“ Hi cuties! How is life going? If you have exams how are they going? I am a bit stressed out about the final school projects. Got one assignment and I just don’t know what to do with it.. Will be fine, I hope. But for now WEEKEND! Got to enjoy the weekend! Tomorrow I am going to the hair dresser. Will post before and after pics. Excited, also no clue how it’s gonna end up! This GIF was made this week, thought it is kinda funny :)”


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  1. 05/20/2011 / 20:47

    Aww baby, I am thinking of you and all your work.
    Love you xxxxx

  2. 05/20/2011 / 20:59

    The gif made me chuckle. It's pretty legit. I hope you can make some time for a bit of fun on the weekend amidst the project stress. xx

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