stay positive

“ Being positive is something really importnant. Without it you will loose your mind. So I did some thinking and putted all the negative thing on a list. Strangly enough most of them were comming from one point. Some directly some indirect. And after a long time thinking I decided to put an end to it. I some how hoped that this negative point wasn’t really the point. But living a week without it, I realised it. Not being completly happy and satified for the last jears had finally ended. Now I am feeling better then ever before. About life, myself, and so much more. The happier I am the prettier I feel. And how less important the little flaws seem. Now I truly got a smile that could light up a room. ”

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  1. Anonymous
    08/28/2011 / 17:58

    Hey, why is the cute funny guy not on the list on the left side of you blog anymore? Aren't you friends with him anymore?

  2. Anonymous
    08/28/2011 / 18:09

    Is he the negative point you wanted to get rid off?

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