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I had an a-ma-zing Christmas! Christmas eve was very fun. Dinner and some drinks down town. Christmas day I had lunch with the boyfriend and a dinner with his whole family. I did not make any photo’s. Time flew. The second day of Christmas/Boxing day I got all kinds of presents! My mom made a surprise breakfast. Just pyjama’s and smiles. Look at Buddha’s Christmas look! After that we opened the presents! I got so much stuff. I really wanted new camera stuff. I got a new lens and flash lamp. A soft box for the flash lamp. A mirror you can open to put your jewelry in. A extremely soft new bathrobe! And much much more. What was under your Christmas three?
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  1. 12/26/2012 / 16:55

    Wat gaaf zulke cadeaus! Wij doen geen cadeaus met Kerst. Klinkt alsof je het erg leuk hebt gehad :).

  2. 12/27/2012 / 09:10

    Oh wat een heerlijke foto's ! Je hond is echt ZO cute met dat strikje 😉 !

  3. 12/27/2012 / 17:56

    Ziet er erg gezellig uit! 😀
    Budha is erg leuk met dat strikje zo hihi

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