I somehow love this picture. It is a powerful picture. I learned that not always everything in your picture has to be organized or set up. I learned a big thing for my photography career. Less is more. But isn’t that always the deal? I always think very careful about my outfits and try to make the most of it. Why? Same goes for my stress and over thinking. Less over thinking and less stress is more fun in life. I guess the less is more rule can simply apply to my photography and fashion style but as for my life. It feels like a complete mess and an emotion roller coaster. What is up with me?
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  1. 05/23/2013 / 11:12

    You are right, this photo is really powerful :). It have something special.
    I need good photographer for every day outfits 🙂

    I m following you, follow back if you want 🙂

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