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I decided to wear more color. Lately I seem to choose simple colors. I really don’t know why. Way back I always chose bright colors with more bright colors. Maybe because I was young? But since a year or so I don’t wear as bright colors as I used to. I do wear them sometimes but always with an plain color. I think I was scared of how people reacted? I might need to wear more color? So I decided to pop some more color and pick a bright color. So why not these blue pants? The rest of the outfit is little plain. With a washed print on the tee and simple grey ankle boots. So all the attention goes to the pants.
Shirt: J22
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Sasha
Sunglasses: Ray-ban
Iphone case: Ebay
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16 Reacties

  1. 08/17/2013 / 18:06

    Wat zie je er goed uit! Wat een gave iPhonecase ook zeg 🙂

  2. 08/17/2013 / 18:28

    Super leuke outfit! Die case is inderdaad super gaaf! xxx

  3. 08/17/2013 / 20:44

    Wauw wat een mooie kleur broek! Die springt er echt uit!
    Mooie outfit ook weer 🙂

  4. 08/18/2013 / 07:43

    Leuke outfit! hele gave zonnebril draag je! Staat je goed.

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