Tattoos. You either love them or hate them. I am a lover. But you might knew that already. I like the small little ones the most. I might do a post will all my tattoos soon? But since I planned to get my next tattoo this Tuesday, and I never told anything about the last one. My favorite word in the whole world. Serendipity, a mistake which led to finding something amazing you were not looking for. There is no explanation good enough for this amazing word. For me it means don’t look for things they will cross your path when they need to. Everything happens for a reason and coincidence does not exists.
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  1. 11/16/2013 / 15:55

    Ik vind 't echt een prachtige betekenis en tattoo! Wat voor een tattoo laat je zetten? Of blijft dat nog even geheim? :p xo

  2. 11/16/2013 / 19:55

    Wow! Beautiful tattoo! I love the word Serendipity too. Have you seen the rom-com entitled Serendipity? It's super cheesy like any rom-com, but it's so sweet and I too LOVE serendipity.

  3. 11/17/2013 / 18:36

    Zo mooi!
    Ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe tattoo, maar ik denk dat ik het al weet hihi 😉
    Veel plezier dinsdag!


  4. 11/18/2013 / 16:53

    Ik ben niet van de tattoos. Maar deze is mooi en ook met jouw uitleg erbij!

  5. 11/23/2013 / 03:43

    Your Tat is great. Makes me want it now! Pensive is another word to look into. I knew a Band with that name.

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