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Yes. Dogs. Those four footed, furry, friends.I’m not sure whether I am a cat or a dog person. I Love my dog and cat equally. But for now it is all about the dogs! The funny ones, the small ones, the slow ones and the ugly ones!

When getting a dog you are all excited. Well, duh. I must say I did not expect Buddha to get this big! A friend had puppies and I finally convinced my mom. Next up the step dad, he didn’t had a say in all this. I just went to pick up my puppy. I didn’t know much about his breed. He is a mix of an Akita and American bulldog. Kinda stupid, but I finally had my own dog.

I love having a dog in the house. Walking with him at the park or at the beach. I even love to walk in the snow with him because he loves it so much. But what I love the most about him is when I get home from a long day he is always there waiting for me and all happy because I am home.

Also, he is not so much my dog anymore. Everyone in the house grew to love him, all my friends love him. He is just a perfect addition to our chaotic, clumsy, loving home. And p.s The dog in the middle with the stick? That’s baby Buddha!


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  1. 05/17/2014 / 06:19

    Ahw, wat lief die puppy’s! Ik smelt altijd als ik dan van zulke lieve foto’s zie. Thuis hebben wij geen hond, mijn ouders willen het niet. Vroeger als klein meisje zou ik ook wel een hondje willen.

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