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Everybody is looking strange at me.
They say: ‘You’ve changed.’
Yeah duh.
Like I worked so hard to stay the same?

I joined the blogger world a little five years ago. No worries. This is not a goodbye. And I won’t bother with cheesy text about my five years and in what ways it changed me. But right now I am at a point in my life where I am not sure about anything anymore. The one thing I want to do and that keeps me going is this. Telling a story, my story.

I still feel like there is this big wall between you and me. Besides all the sharing and some personal posts, I still feel that big wall. I feel that my blog is getting superficial. That’s maybe because all I talk about is clothes and my happy moments. Let me tell you, my life isn’t that perfect, I still chose to love it though.

So this is me, crushing down those huge walls. Getting personal. I will share memories, awkward moments, conversations and breakdowns. Get ready for a new design soon, for new goals, for the actual life of Joy and for a once in a month amazing concept.

Thank you for everything. (Way to go Joy, getting cheesy after all huh?)



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  1. 06/10/2014 / 18:31

    Leuke foto’s en ik begrijp je boodschap totaal! Soms heb ik dat gevoel ook en denk ik oke what’s next of hoe kan ik mezelf blootstellen zonder dat ik TEVEEL weggeef. Leuk dat jij die muur gaat breken! Het heeft courage nodig en die heb je! You go girl! x

    • 06/10/2014 / 18:38

      Oh wauw, thanks Trudy voor dit onwijs motiverende compliment! You are a darling as always <3

  2. 06/11/2014 / 14:45

    Erg leuke foto’s! Ik vind het ook altijd zo moeilijk om persoonlijke dingen te schrijven/delen zonder dat het té persoonlijk word. Maar goed dat je het gaat proberen, succes en ik ben benieuwd!

  3. 06/11/2014 / 15:22

    Mooi artikel. Heel inspirerend om te lezen! Liefs.

  4. Anoniem
    06/11/2014 / 20:54

    mooi geschreven ben benieuwd

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