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It still is bitter sweet to write about the vacation. That’s the reason I’ve waited so long to look at the photo’s, edit them and write about it. But we had a wonderful few days in Ibiza before the accident.

The first day was really relaxed. We woke up, had some breakfast and went out to rent a scooter. We drove to all kinds of beautiful beaches to look and chill. I really wanted to go to Cala molí, that was my gramps favorite beach. So it was beautiful to be there.

later we relaxed a bit by the pool and showered and dressed up after that. So we could go to Cala compte. From that little cute beach you can see the most beautiful sunset. It is enchanting. When the sun disappears in the sea everyone is clapping and cheering to celebrate the day! Because of this relaxed non stressing vibe on Ibiza we had dinner after the sunset around nine. Of course not without cocktails!



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  1. 09/05/2014 / 17:12

    Hele mooie foto’s! Ibiza lijkt me echt zó mooi! xx

  2. Kelly
    09/05/2014 / 18:29

    Leuk Joy, je blog. Mooie foto´s van Ibiza.

    FYI; keep me up to date betrefffffft..

  3. 09/06/2014 / 14:42

    Heerlijke foto’s! Ibiza lijkt me echt een gaaf eiland :)! En wat zien die cocktails er lekker uit.

  4. 09/07/2014 / 09:03

    Ibiza ziet er echt prachtig uit! Mijn schoonouders zijn daar op dit moment..!

  5. 09/08/2014 / 09:36

    Klinkt heerlijk, mooie foto’s! En je moet zeker na genieten van je vakantie, voor je ongeluk 😉

  6. 03/17/2015 / 14:13

    Wow zalig! Perfect place for perfect pics!


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