The house is empty. All I hear is the sound of me typing on my laptop. My head is spinning, thousands of thoughts all at once. Then, all of a sudden is was clear. What I want to do with my life, who I want to be and what makes me happy. People do change. I’ve changed. All my thoughts are gone. Realizing how clear is all is now. I chose a word as my first tattoo. Why? Because one word can have so much power.

It is so obvious now. It has always been in me. The sounds of happiness for me is the sound I hear when my fingers hit the keyboard and just type a way to write a story.


(photo: Ibiza, July 2014)

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  1. 12/02/2014 / 18:39

    Heel mooi gezegd! En je tattoo is ook heel tof, zo gaaf zo’n mooi woord voor altijd bij je hebben. Mooie foto ook!

  2. 12/02/2014 / 23:17

    Heel mooi geschreven! Soms heb je even een moment nodig waarin alles duidelijk voor je wordt, voelt zo fijn 🙂 En blijf vooral heerlijk schrijven! xo

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