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A few days ago I walked with heavy eyes to my car. After a 9 hour school day I just can’t feel anything anymore or do anything. When in the car I can feel the tears behind my eyes. It starts with a soft quit sob. Tears steaming down my face. Faster and faster. The sob turns into loud cry. Everything is just too much. I postponed things I needed to do, I distance myself from the people I care about and I neglected myself.

I’ve been offline the whole weekend. And oh, it felt good. I completely focused on me. This week is the exposition. After that I will be taking one whole week off. To do only fun and happy things.

As you might know, I am truly scared of the future. But for now I have a plan. I am going to take is slow with the blog for now, try to figure out the role the blog will play in my future plan. Don’t worry! I am not going anywhere. There just will be less posts a week. And the loss of some categories.

Oh damn, this was hard to write. I still feel I left things un explained. I will explain. When I am ready.


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  1. 04/28/2015 / 00:23

    Dikke knuffel! Nog een weekje en daarna kan je genieten van je rust en leuke dingen doen 🙂 xo

  2. 04/28/2015 / 18:37

    Ahh 🙁 Belangrijk om tijd voor jezelf te nemen! En doe vooral veel leuke dingen, het belangrijkste vind ik altijd om leuke dingen op de planning te hebben zodat ik iets heb om naar uit te kijken!
    Doe rustig aan 🙂 Deze foto is trouwens echt heel mooi!

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