© The life of Joy – Joy van Zetten. MBFWA SS16.

Monday morning after the Modefabriek. I went straight back to the catwalks! I was suppose to wear my new dress. Turns out, the weather never does what I want it to do. So I decided to wear my knee socks. When I got home and watched the photo’s, it looked a bit like the look on my first day, but reversed. Ah well.

© The life of Joy – Joy van Zetten. MBFWA SS16. Axelandra FridaThe Alexandra Frida show was such a good show. It started with some calm pieces, purely focusing on the fabrics and colors. I am not a pink fan, but that complete pink outfit is everything. Later in the show there were also some awesome pieces with blue designs.

the-life-of-joy_joy-van-zetten4ARREY was a whole different show. It started really cool. With all the leather-ish looks with a though touch. I liked the idea of wearing a piece of the road. Like you are the road, free to decide it for your self. Then the looks became a bit more nude. Tape on the breast, very Miley. And even some more color. I wasn’t a big fan of the colored looks, or the colored fabric. But the colord fabric was so bouncy. It bounced so pretty when the models walked the catwalk.

© The life of Joy – Joy van Zetten. MBFWA SS16. Maria Cle lealIf you were waiting for a show with popping colors, but not to many prints. It was Maria Clè Leal. The pieces were all focused on the silhouette of the dresses. But most of all I really liked the way there have been some attention to the necklines. I can really see my self wearing the beige outfit on the right.


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