I could not keep this project from you. I finished it yesterday. And I am so in love with it.I love that the theme is different but still no photo is the same. I want to thank Laura and Florian for posing for the second and third photo’s. Besides being my family, you are perfect models too. I love you.

The tiger.
When she walked.. She stretched out long and thin like a tiger and held her head high to look over the grass as if she were treading the jungle.

The wolf.
You can throw her to the wolfs, but she’ll rerun leading the pack

The bear.
He protect you like a grizzly, but love you like a teddy.


10 Reacties

  1. 05/01/2014 / 09:13

    Wauw, dit ziet er echt gaaf uit! 🙂

  2. judith
    05/01/2014 / 10:30

    In 1 woord: WAUW! XO

  3. 05/01/2014 / 20:57

    Wauw wat een gave foto’s! Heel mooi gedaan. xx

  4. 05/04/2014 / 06:48

    Hoe VET is dit dan! Super leuk gedaan! Ik zie dit echt ergens hangen als visuals voor se grootste festivals of dj’s!