My sight is blurry. Uhg, they made me wear these stupid 3D glasses so the house is scarier. Why again did I agree to go to this park and enter scary haunted houses, JUST FOR FUN? I tell myself to calm down. There is nothing to be scared off. Florens is right in front of me leading me through this. My mom behind me, also a bit frightened though. Suddenly on my right appears a girl in a doll costume. I scream my lungs out. β€˜Bitch.’ I say to her in am accusing voice

On the wall is a backlight painting. I get a bit dizzy and disoriented, still because of the 3D glasses. I push so hard forward we almost run trough the halls. We catch up with the group before us. And they have caught up between the people in the front. We are complete now, the whole group together. There are screams and giggles. seriously? Only a psycho would laugh at this. I am thinking, knowing it is a friend’s laugh. I went through the rest of the haunted house, but with a lot of screaming and swearing.

All I can say is that I was really relieved to be at the end of the haunted house. This shit always freaks me out. The whole group laughing at my screams, even some of my friends scare me. One house down two more haunted houses to go. At the end of night we got some pretty good inspiration for our Halloween. And I get to go home with a sore throat for screaming and a ache in my belly from laughing.




8 Reacties

  1. 10/29/2014 / 14:32

    Haha als dit over Walibi gaat, heeel herkenbaar! Mooie sjaal πŸ™‚ XO

  2. 10/29/2014 / 14:53

    Mooie sjaal, en die hoed staat je goed! Ahh ik ben ook zo bang van spookhuizen.

  3. haha ik lig meteen nachten lang wakker als ik dat soort enge dingen doe!

    mooie sjaal! Die van mij er misschien ook maar weer eens bijpakken! staat je leuk

  4. 10/29/2014 / 23:04

    Als ik iets eng vind zijn ’t wel spookhuizen, iehhhh.. Je laatste foto is trouwens onwijs mooi πŸ™‚ xo

  5. 10/30/2014 / 09:39

    Haha, I can tell you really love haunted houses πŸ˜‰ I’m not a fan of them either. I do really love your look, it look so pretty on you! I also really love the scarf πŸ™‚


  6. 10/30/2014 / 18:40

    Je outfit is echt chic en casual. I love it!!! Have fun tomorrow!