Today I am sharing my 5 favorite nude lipsticks with you. I used to love bright lipsticks. But lately I am more and more drawn to nude colors. I have to watch myself to not buy every nude lipstick I see. I am afraid I will have some double colors.

These colors are all a bit different. Most of them are matte. I really like matte. I never was a gloss girl. The velvet ones are a bit nicer on the lips.

Kiko Velvet Matte* is a super cheap one. I use this on a daily basis. It gives you lips a little color. I always tell myself: ‘Never leave the house without lipstick.’

MAC Matte* has recently been added to my stash. And gosh how I love this little baby. MAC is a little less pink than the Kiko Velvet Matte. This one also stays a bit longer on the lips, even after dinner!

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet* will be on my whish list for ever. This lipstick will never bore me. I bought it in Ibiza, but thank god it is also for sale in Holland. The deep pink color is really something I like.

Kiko Unlimited Stylo* is the lightest lipstick I have. Some days I just want a lighter color. I don’t have a lot of those days, so I chose a cheaper lipstick to experiment with.

Sephora Color Lip Last Lipstick* has been in my stash for ever. I still have two Sephora lipsticks. I both like them, but never wear them a lot, due to all my other colors.

Which nude lipstick do you like best? I think I’ll choose my MAC. For now….

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