After driving around for some time, we were looking for the perfect location, mom said: ‘ Yeah, let’s do it here.’ She was talking about the abandoned cars. ‘No mom, there are all kinds of guys there who will stare.’ So we drove in an other direction.

Mom had all kinds of ideas to shoot outfit photo’s. I kept telling her I don’t want anything green in the photo’s. I know I can be a bitch about outfit photo’s sometimes, but you know. I gotta get better and better.

We drove in a circle and ended up near the dump again. Mom likes to shoot an outfit more when she loves the location more. She goes all out, pull out all her tricks and does her absolute best. So I said yes to the car dump.

Turns out, I really love the first photo. We had little time, and mom told me she had all she needed. So I believed her and we took off.

She is really in to photographing. She is learning the photography basics, usually I install the camera. She is also looking back on the outfits we shot and tells me what she doesn’t like. I also tell her what I want in the future with my outfit posts.

We always have fun during shoots. And mom is totally killing it.

MyBrand jacket
Only jeans
H&M shirt
Adidas sneakers


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