An addiction is an obsession. Something that takes over your mind and every thought.Here are 5 of my addictions.

Garlic bread
I am sorry for everyone who dines with me. I wish I could have everything with garlic bread. I smell horrible after it but I don’t care. It is just so good, and with a little touch of salt it is even better.

New girl
This show is one of my favorites. I like that is is so easy to watch with all kinds of humor. If there is anytime, I watch New girl. In bed of course.

Snapping my toes
This is the weird one. When I squeeze all my toes together you can hear a snap from each toe. I love that feeling and the sound.

I look up all kinds of tattoo’s on the internet everyday. Always thinking about a good spot to for a new tattoo. And planning the next one. And secretly already know what I want after that one.

The Beach
I am so thankful I live 20 minutes away from the beach. I love to be there. When I feel sad. Or when I feel happy. I love the sand between my toes and the bright sun in my eyes. Don’t forget the smell of the salty sea!


What are some of your addictions?


3 Reacties

  1. 08/29/2014 / 05:22

    Het strand is zo fijn, jammer dat ik er zo ver vanaf woon! En je hebt mooie tattoo’s, subtiele. Daar hou ik van. Ik zit al jaren te denken aan 1 kleine tattoo, eigenlijk moet ik het gewoon laten doen 😉 En New Girl is zoooo leuk!!

  2. 08/29/2014 / 10:15

    Hahah zo herkenbaar! New girl is echt Ver Sla Vend!