And it made me smile because he remembered

“ To meet a friend you haven’t seen in five years is just great. Had so much fun! But besides that, I actually had to work today. But because of the bad weather, so I payed my mum a visit on her work. She told me how much she liked the post with the old pictures of us. She also liked the text so I re-read my post and I taught about being a little kid and being a teenager. And being a teenage girl means: Looking as hot as hell to just walked the dog, listening to your ipod while you dance in your underwear, randomly singing your favorite song, sleeping until 2pm, giving makeovers to all your friends, tanning on the roof, buying jewelry you will never wear form Claire’s, saying the most girly words all the time(like omg and whateverrr), wearing short skirts, pushing your best friends in the pool, taking pictures with your friends, jumping on your bed while you’re talking on the phone, staying up all night just to regret it the next day, being crazy about one boy, taking a story and turning it into some huge scene. ”

shirt; h&m – watch; guess – necklace; six and market – rings; six ands mom’s bf


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  1. 05/04/2010 / 20:54

    Je hebt nu echt een post met een boodschap. Mooi geschreven!

  2. 05/04/2010 / 21:21

    superleuke post joy!
    je word er echt steeds beter in !

  3. 05/04/2010 / 22:36

    Ik wou dat ik altijd een tiener wass hahaha.
    super leuk geschreven!

  4. 05/05/2010 / 04:12

    <3 the joys of it all and the joys of growing up.

  5. Brit
    05/06/2010 / 18:39

    Wat leuk dat je het zo naar je zin had met je oude vriend!

  6. Brit
    05/06/2010 / 18:39

    Ohja je ziet er ook leuk uit 😉 wanneer eigenlijk niet?

  7. Jerraah
    05/06/2010 / 20:17

    Those times, i can remember as yesterday, have been and always will be great. We cant hang out which eachother without having any fun. Thats what i like about our friendship. I can always trust on u, and likewise! Ur Dearest friend.
    The funny Guy a.k.a. Jerraah.
    i (L) u 😉

  8. 05/07/2010 / 13:28

    woowooowoooowooooooow [L]

    xxx Patty

  9. 05/07/2010 / 19:15

    Ik vind het altijd leuk om te lezen wat je allemaal schrijft :)! Mooie foto.