Antwerp city trip

“  This is last nights outfit while having a delicious dinner! The blouse and shoes I am wearing are new :). When we arrived we started in the zoo. Lovely zoo. I am making a photography series about animals, so it was helpful and as soon as it’s done it will be on tha blog. For dinner we had pizza :D. And today was full of shopping. I really bought a lot. A new buys post is also in the planning. I made a lot of photo’s with my new analog camera so you have to wait for a lot of photo’s. And the one photo we made in the Ferris wheel :).”


5 Reacties

  1. Mom
    08/01/2012 / 16:44

    Swieties!! Nice pics

  2. 08/02/2012 / 18:56

    Leuke outfit en die camera is zooo gaaf 😀 Liefs

  3. 08/02/2012 / 18:58

    Leuke foto's 🙂

  4. 08/02/2012 / 20:34

    Wat een gave camera! 🙂