Sometimes, well most of the time, it pays to get out of your comfort zone.

Let’s get to the start. I hated the idea of photographing architecture, don’t get me wrong I love some other photographers who do it but I never though it would be something I was interested in or even could do. I needed a challenge, something so not me. Something that would blow everyones mind that I made that. So I though of architecture. I froze at the thought of me alone in the city holding my camera with people staring at me. BUT I DID IT!! I walked in the city for hours, looking up at the buildings, finding their best angle. I even loved it. Proudly I am showing you my photo’s.

So those amazing quotes about getting out of your comfort zone on Tumblr are true. But you need guts. When you ready leave your comfort zone and it will reward you. I experienced it. It is such an adrenaline kick(that will last weeks!).


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  1. Mooi geworden!! Ik hou wel van die strakke gebouwen (om te fotograferen dan haha). In een serie is t heel mooi!

  2. 04/24/2014 / 18:54

    Vind de foto’s écht heel mooi! Goed dat je het gedaan hebt, architectuur is zeker niet het gemakkelijkst om te fotograferen!

    • Anoniem
      04/29/2014 / 09:10

      Dankje wel <3