“ I felt ashamed while logging in to blogger. It has been a week. Shit again. I just can’t seem to find time. School is a lot, and I really want to do it good this year. I’ve made a amazing series about some one’s work. It will be here soon. Also my iPhone pics are coming. Everything is distracting me. I’ve bought Fifty Shades of Grey. It is a addiction. I finished it in a week and this morning I bought Fifty Shades Darker. Right now I have to clean my room. Everything is all over the place because of this photo shoot with the balloons.  And as Jessie J is blowing out my speakers I just can’t think. All I am thinking of is the boyfriend. So I am going to pack my things, quickly clean a little (I’ll leave something for to morrow to clean) and go to the boyfriend. I seem to break a lot off promises, so I am not going to promise anything. I’ll Just do my best. ”

12 Reacties

  1. 09/24/2012 / 17:27

    wat een gave foto joy!!!!

  2. 09/24/2012 / 18:36

    wat een supergave foto! hoe heb je dat voor elkaar gekregen als ik vragen mag?
    Ik herken me er zelf wel in wat je gebrek aan tijd betreft. Niemand neemt het je kwalijk 🙂

  3. 09/25/2012 / 10:08

    Supergave foto! Ik wil fifty shades ook lezen :P!

  4. 09/25/2012 / 18:39

    Mooie foto!

  5. 09/25/2012 / 20:05

    Don't feel ashamed for not being with us…we are all happy that you have been busy at your school….I must say those colourful balloons around you are looking so awesome and you are looking so cute in the pic…thanks 🙂

  6. 09/25/2012 / 20:55

    Mooie foto!X
    Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blog!X

  7. 09/25/2012 / 21:47

    Gave shoot met de ballonnen!

  8. 11/24/2012 / 11:43

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  9. 11/25/2012 / 13:12

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