Wearing a band shirt is always a good idea. These shirts always look good. But I had a good reason to buy it. As you may know, I am big Supernatural (tv show) fan. One of the main characters loves AC/DC and they play a lot of their music on that show. I once wrote about being inspired by an other character on that show, and now Dean Winchester did it. Yes I am a sucker for good tv shows, and an even bigger sucker for pretty boys with pretty jawlines and sarcastic lines.

Enough about my fan-girling. What are your thoughts about finding inspiration in a tv show? I wore is casual to a movie night. How would you wear it?

Primark shirt
The Sting jeans
Nike sneakers
H&M jacket

Photo’s by Florens Baan


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  1. 03/25/2016 / 15:54

    Stoer! Heel gave outfit, staat je mooi 😀