“Hey! Busy with school, again. It’s 5 more weeks till summer holiday. The end projects are going sort of okay. The music assignment is going good! We have to make five pictures that have something to do with music. I’m gonna make 5 pictures that presents a song of the Beatles! The club assignment is almost done, I went to a elderly card club. Those cute old people stole my heart! And the last assignment… Damn no clue what to do. But for now two of my favorite songs: Free as a bird and Money by the Beatles.”


4 Reacties

  1. 05/24/2011 / 21:07

    Top gemaakt! xx

  2. 05/25/2011 / 06:44

    Die money foto is echt geweldig !
    Je bent echt heel goed !

  3. 05/26/2011 / 07:35

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