I always try to focus on my text. Because I want the post to be more than just pictures. But somehow I just can’t seem to focus. Maybe because it is Sunday and I am pressuring myself to write. Or maybe all I want to do is watch Netflix.

This weekend I had an amazing time with L’oreal! You might have seen it on Instagram. Of course more about that later.

This text is really going to suck. I can feel it. My head is thinking about dinner. I need fries…. Okay Joy. Focus. Think about this look. Oh yeah, thats right. Besides this sucky text, I really am a sucky blogger. These photo’s of my black ootd are more than two months old(my hair is still a bit blonde). I still love them tho! But nothing is worse than not wearing your new shoes for 85 weeks…..

This is all torture. If you are ready this, thank you for staying and reading it all. If you hoped the text would get better, I am so sorry! Next one will be better, I promise!

Balmain for H&M shirt
H&M shirt
Sacha boots
h&m jacket
Zara clutch

P.S.  Sorry for the non creative title. I wrote this Sunday evening (yesterday) and I really wanted some french fries.


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    • 07/29/2016 / 10:03

      Kan nooit mis gaan toch? x

  1. 07/29/2016 / 10:03

    Thanks darling :*