I spend some money on myself. That is always lovely to do. I just wen like Rihanna, buy buy buy buy buy. I got a Kiko gift card for my birthday, always a pleasure. I needed something’s and got myself a new lipstick. The AC/DC shirt was found by me. I found it interesting and I could see different outfits with it. I also happen to have a lipstick in that orange/coral color. This cameo jacket has been on my whist list for almost a year. I never ever found the perfect one. Most of the time they had flower prints on it too, or gold details. I never ever wear gold. So I had to buy the jacket. This whole new Clinique package is something I am super happy with. I had different troubles with my skin. I decided to upgrade my skin products. I have always been a fan of sticking to one brand. So I bought every face skin product I needed.

The shoes? My boyfriend bought them as a gift for my birthday. He also got me a beautiful dress and a super fancy dinner. But these shoes. I was looking for a replacement of the chain boots. I wore those chain boots for 2 year with so much love. I will do just the same to these beauties.

Do you spoil yourself once in a while? And what do you think about my new shoes?


5 Reacties

  1. Gina
    03/18/2016 / 10:43

    Wat een mooie spulletjes heb je gekocht en je schoenen zijn echt gaaf!

  2. 03/19/2016 / 11:09

    Ow wat veel, heerlijk! Kiko ben ik gek op en de schoenen zijn prachtig đŸ˜€

  3. 03/19/2016 / 15:09

    ACDC <3

  4. 03/20/2016 / 11:13

    De kiko en de clinique producten zijn geweldig!