Can’t get the boring school work outta my head

Hello people! i had a really nice weekend! it started with a great breakfast on a Saturday at my grandma’s. then we went off to Rotterdam! i wanted to shop there. i didn’t buy anything! really next time i will go some where else. but Saturday the party! it was great we had loads of fun! and Sunday i had to work… but i only had to work till five. but next week i have to work both days. and today was a long boring day. i was at school from eight till six! so I’m really exhausted. i shall post one more today a little preview of the shoots! xx Joy


2 Reacties

  1. 10/26/2009 / 21:46

    jemig tot 6uur naar school ;|
    wat erg!

  2. 10/27/2009 / 19:05

    leuke foto's!
    en idd, tot zes uur naar school is wel heeeel erg lang Ö