Crocs photo by Ilka Hennig. Other photo’s by me

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A few weeks ago I got an invite to work with Crocs. I could not believe it. Those shoes aren’t fashionable?! But guess what. They are! I went to Amsterdam for the collaboration. I had to style the whole shoot with crocs and my own clothes, and I had to model for the photo! It was a fun day. I met other bloggers, had some lovely lunch. But most of all I had fun. I must say it is really weird to model in front of someone you don’t know. Especially when I’m used to make the photo! But Like I said I had a lot of fun. I really liked the Crocs. I’m waiting for a pair myself. When I’ll have them of course I post them, along with some more behind the scene’s photo’s and the photo with the fellow bloggers. What do you think about the photo. AND about the Crocs?
Dress: Primark
Socks: Black&Blanche
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12 Reacties

  1. 08/08/2013 / 19:21

    I love it.
    Amazing girl :))
    Love you xxxx

  2. 08/08/2013 / 21:26

    Wat een geweldige foto! Ben zelf totaal geen fan van crocs, maar deze foto zet me wel aan het denken ;).

    XX, Eva Floor

  3. 08/09/2013 / 09:20

    Je foto is suuuuper leuk geworden!! xx

  4. 08/09/2013 / 13:49

    Echt heel leuk! Ben blij dat je het zo leuk hebt gehad 😉
    Waar een John Beerens meeting bij Chi allemaal wel niet goed voor was, he?

    Kiki / Chicks About Fashion

  5. 08/09/2013 / 16:08

    Leuke foto's! En leuke blog, ik volg je nu op Bloglovin' ^^

  6. 08/09/2013 / 17:16

    Dat had ik ook! haha.

  7. 08/09/2013 / 17:16

    Yes <3

  8. 08/09/2013 / 17:16

    Leuk dat je me volgt!