Collections #1

“ Collections. A new part of Life of Joy. I am a collector. I collect all kinds of things. So you are gonna see all the collections starting with: Shoes. I adore shoes. I recently had to trow out some but I am now the happy owner of 58 pair of shoes. 116 shoes, 34 pair heels, 7 pair sneakers, 4 pair flats, 5 pair slippers, 6 pair boots and 2 pair of uggs. Shoes are so important. I May 2010 I posted this. I had 9 pair of heels. But shoes are so important. If a gorgeous girl walks by with an amazing outfit but the shoes don’t match or are ugly the whole outfit is ruined. But enjoy my heels for now 🙂


3 Reacties

  1. 04/28/2012 / 12:10

    Wauuw der zitten toch een paar juweeltjes bij!

  2. 04/28/2012 / 21:35

    Je hebt echt geweldige schoenen Joy! Ik ben best een beetje jaloers, haha.

  3. 04/29/2012 / 00:04

    jij hebt echt veel schoenen!
    ja het schoolfeest was super! was je er niet bij?:(