DIY: Try walking in my shoes

Ow yes. It’s the DIY! How do you like these new shoes? I made them myself. Not the shoes but the glitters. It looks so lovely and isn’t complicated at all!

Of course you need to have a pair of shoes. I haven’t worn these in a while and have other black hoes. That’s why I choose these.

You need:

-A brush, to spread the glue

– Glue, logical. Do make sure you have transparent glue!!

– Glitters, to spark your shoes up!

Let’s start and put the glue on your shoes! Spread the glue with a brush. Let the glue dry for about 10 seconds.

Then trow the glitters on the shoes. And keep doing this until your shoes are all glittered up! Let your shoes dry for 2 hours.

When your shoes are dry you can still improve your shoes with glue and glitters. When completely done you can spray your shoes with clear coat or with hairspray. Clear coat is better! Let the shoes dry for one whole day and spray them again!
Now you got you glitter shoes! I am very happy with mine :). Can’t wait to wear them. They are so sparkly haha. Hope you liked the DIY! Maybe there will follow more 🙂

7 Reacties

  1. 12/13/2011 / 18:19

    ooh wauw, wat knap van je joy! Dit ga ik ook proberen!

    en het resultaat mag er zeker weten zijn!!X

  2. 12/13/2011 / 18:52

    wauwie <3 zat de binnenkant van je schoen niet ook helemaal onder glitters?

  3. 12/13/2011 / 21:54

    🙂 Love it 🙂

  4. Anonymous
    12/13/2011 / 22:06

    Super leuk!!

  5. 12/14/2011 / 10:26

    I love them! I have to try it

  6. 12/17/2011 / 21:30

    Wauw het is mooi geworden!
    Ik volg je vanaf nu via bloglovin en gfc.
    Volg je me mischien terug?

  7. 12/20/2011 / 18:55

    Ha, echt een super leuk idee! Krijg je niet overal glitters die eraf vallen?