In my last travel post I will tell and show you our last excursion. We still had a few days left in our resort after this excursion. But now it is all about that day. We chose this one because you will see more of the Domincan, learn more about the culture and go places not a lot of tourists go.

Like I told you in part one and part two, the people of Dominicana love their vitamina (rum). So while on our way to a farm, at 9:15 in the morning every body was already drinking their first glass of vitamina. The whole day we had plenty of vitamina.

At the farm, which was somebody’s house, we learned that every Dominican has their own farm in their garden. They grow everything them selves. Like; cacao, coffee, sugar, vegetables, fruit and so on. I was chosen to get a lesson in smashing coffee beans while everyone was watching. Later there was a chance to taste everything. It was very special to see these people being independent and doing everything themselves.

On our way to the market, we had a little stop. The cigar factory. Some guy rolled this big-ass-cigar. Only one person could test it, of course they picked Roy. The cigar was almost as big as his wrist!! There was also a little jewelry boutique that sold items with Larimar in it. I was a bit shocked while walking on the market. I saw things you don’t see on a daily basis in my country. I even saw someone slaughtering an animal right in front of me.

After all that it was time for lunch. I was shocked, but not that shocked to skip lunch. We had lunch in the most loveliest place. It was calm with palm threes and an amazing view. There wasn’t a lot of time left, there was a boat waiting for us. We sailed for a bit, but then the engine stopped…. An other boat had to come and get us. Yeah, laugh about it. I can now too, but I was in panic.

Our last stop of the day(as if we hadn’t done enough already) was in a Haitian village. They live in the sugar cane fields and they would preform some kind of voodoo show for us. I am not a believer of voodoo, but not a big fan either. But it was something to remember.

And after a long, long day, we were finally heading back to our resort. I enjoyed this excursion too. I loved that we got so see these things. The tour guide also told us a lot about the Dominican life. It feels good. I didn’t only go there so sit in the sun with my ass, but I also learned about their culture, and I haven seen how those people live. I really recommend excursions like this to everyone!