Don’t you ever settle for less

“ Did you ever noticed that people give up on love as they get older? When you’re a little girl, all you want to do is fall in love. Then when you’re a teenager, every guy you meet you think is ‘the one’. Then when you’re an adult and you have been hurt from the breakups as a teen. you’re not interested in love anymore. You just don’t want to be alone, so you settle for someone you might even know isn’t your soul mate. I know so many adults that aren’t truly where they want to be. i just try to think about what they might have went through to make them settle for second best, and I hope that doesn’t happen to me.”

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  1. 09/01/2010 / 20:29

    mooie tekst joy, en leuk die oogschaduw!x

  2. 09/01/2010 / 20:43

    Je zegt het goed, het was een 'beetje' leuk. Eigenlijk had ik het wel naar mijn zin, maar het was niet zo druk meer! Mooie foto, ik hoop ook niet dat dat later met mij gebeurt..

  3. 09/01/2010 / 22:33

    unfourtunatly, this is all too true 🙁 i never wanna be like that. ever. i loved how much all of your writing is so true and beautiful 🙂

  4. 09/01/2010 / 22:39

    im so happy i had a good friend last year that stopped me from settling for less. guys dont realize how much girls are entranced in their nature that they'd be willing to lose themselves in a relationship and forget how much worth they have- we deserve first place when it comes to guys.. second best- not anymore 😉


  5. 09/02/2010 / 20:30

    Mooie foto! Haha toevallig, maar ze zijn ook wel heel erg leuk hé!

  6. 09/02/2010 / 22:24

    Je bent mooi opgemaakt!!

    Mooie foto's ook.

  7. 09/03/2010 / 10:21

    Welke oogschaduw heb je daar op?

    Lieeeefs Patty & de uk

  8. 09/06/2010 / 02:33

    so true, its just not worth it.
    & on a different note, that photo is stunning.


  9. Brit
    09/07/2010 / 14:08

    Wauw, mooi gezegt. Hopen dat het inderdaad niet bij jou en bij mij gebeurt =]