Everything I’m not, made me everything I am

“Firs of all a happy new year! My new years eve wasn’t that fun. Well i had a great time until me step-dad started to drink and my mum started to embarrassing me… So i went home round 3. And i had a great sleep. I hope you guys had a great new years eve. At least now i know i won’t be home next year ;). Today i visited my granny. The whole family was there except for my parents(sick home). But that was really fun! Tomorrow i have to work. And Sunday i have to read a book! It has to be finished by Monday :$. and i have to write an essay about it before Wednesday! And it might be fun if i had a good book. But they just had to choose a book that sucks. But hey, that’s what’s school is for!”

dress/tee; mattew wiliamson for h&m – jeans leggin; h&m – vest; the sting – shoes; h&m – bag; h&m


5 Reacties

  1. 01/01/2010 / 23:28

    woehoe joy, ik vind je echt zooo knap haha, je foto's zijn geweldig! jij ook een heel erg gelukkig nieuwjaar. enn, veel gelukkig met je goede voornemen, meer genieten.:D
    succes met je boek, liefs xxx

  2. 01/02/2010 / 17:27

    wooow leuk shirt zeg! ;D xoxo

  3. 01/02/2010 / 18:52

    Knap meisje ben je! En super leuke schoentjes 🙂

  4. 01/02/2010 / 21:23

    dankjewel joy!
    ~ (L)

  5. 01/08/2010 / 13:16

    Nice photo's again!

    xxx Patty