Favo memorie

“ Somethings just remind you of the old days. like my niece’s teddy. Makes me think of all the memories I have. There has been one memory in my mind this week. I walk into this bar. I see this woman behind the bar, I walk up to her. I know I want to be just like that when I grow up. The lovely woman gives me a kiss and asks me to help her behind the bar. This is one of my favs memories. I also know I turned out pretty good, and actually look a lot like this woman. And thank god I look like my mom. Wouldn’t want to look like anyone else. What is you favorite memory of the old days?”


4 Reacties

  1. 10/09/2011 / 10:43

    wat leuk! ik heb ook zoveel herinneringen… Liefs

  2. 10/09/2011 / 13:32

    Mijn favoriete herinnering, daar kan ik zo even niet op komen! Meestal komt dat plotseling naar boven. Maar wat ik eigenlijk wilde zeggen is dat je mijn Blog of the week bent :)!

  3. 10/09/2011 / 17:25

    aaah, leuk! ik heb niet een favoriete herinnering, gewoon teveel om op te noemen ♥