Never ever would I thought that I would love to be in my room. Don’t get me wrong, I love my room. but I’ve never really been a on-myself-kind-of-person. Lately that changed. I love to stare at all the pretty things I collected and put in my room. I love that my clothes are everywhere. I love how much more turquoise items I have. Most of all I love to sit on bed and work there while watching some tv shows and be surrounded with all the pretty things in my room.

Today I am showing you my favorite corners of my room. In the mean time I have already changed my room like 14 times. I always move things and try to improve my room.


3 Reacties

  1. 04/24/2015 / 11:21

    Mooie foto’s Joy! Ik vind je kamer zoo gezellig! XO

  2. 04/24/2015 / 17:07

    Hoezo een Tumblr room? Zo mooi allemaal <3

  3. Lauren Louvaine
    04/25/2015 / 17:45

    Leuke post, ziet er gezellig uit!