I am super excited about this post! Last week I received a package from Johnbeerens.com with all the new goodies for hair. Now I know I am not a beauty blogger, and I always try to stick to the subject I am good at, but I wanted to show you my favorite hairstyles! Maybe I you like/want it, I can make a tutorial post?

But for now, let me show you more. I shampooed my hair with the Hair Doctor Magic mousse shampoo* a few times, I absolutely love it. I like to do ass less as possible with my hair in the morning, but then most of the time it lacks volume. This is a perfect solution. I used the Hair Doctor 2-phase conditioner* first, I was planning on doing all these thing with a iron, so I needed to protect my hair. I was really surprised, my hair has been re-done more than 3 times with the styling iron, and it didn’t look burned or damaged.

Super sleek was created with the Fripac mondial styling iron*. Very easy and fast to do. I had this once during Fashion week, and serval other times. I really should do this hair do more often.

Easy styled is a little bit different than my normal hair. I usually have light curvy hair. Now it is completely straight but I made my hair go out with a little curve.

pony is one of my favorite of these favorites. Even tho I straightened my hair, it still has a lot of volume. Thanks to the magic mousse shampoo! I also used a little but of the Hair Doctor extra strong hairspray*.

curls is a hair do for the decent girls. It looks very girl-next-door-ish. If I want people to think I am a well behaved and mannered girl who doesn’t say fuck a lot, I use this look.

curls is a wilder version. It suits me better, because I do say fuck a lot. And I really like the volume. I still want to try this messy do with curls that go both sides (if you know what I mean)

Would you like more posts like this on The life of Joy? And what hair style is your favorite?

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  1. 08/31/2016 / 14:53

    Love the messy curls!