With a big smile on my face I launch a new category on The life of Joy. I’ve been struggling to find a new category. I already came back with the inspiration posts, but I wanted something else too. Something new. Now don’t frown, it will ruin your pretty face. This is a well known category, but it is a new one for The life of Joy. So please welcome Flash back Friday’s!

It was hard to find a new category, I am not the type of girl to give tips each month(most of the time I don’t even know what I am doing), or discuss celebrity clothes. I want to keep my blog like it is, and as the title says. My life.

How could I not start the first Flash back Friday with Buddha. He is so heavy now, I can barely remember what it was like to carry him around. I do miss his fluffy-ness. He was just such a cute gift. Well he still is. He can still melt my heart. Funny thing? He know what he needs to do to melt my heart. Impossible to stay mad.

You can expect more FBF’s! I will share old posts or baby photo’s, maybe even flash backs to events. What do you think about this new category on The life of Joy? And on a scale from 1 to 10 how cute is Buddha?