This Flashback Friday is to my first year as a photography student. Somewhere 2010. The photo lacks a lot of technical skills, I was still a newbie photographer. But I do love this photo and what it stands for.

The assignment was ‘reflection’. Back then I hated my own reflection. So the word made me feel bad. At the time nobody knew how much I hated my reflection, and I thought I could show people through my art. Really beautiful actually if you ask me. I made a lot of art because of my feelings, and it really helped me.

The broken mirror represents the broken image I had of myself. The second reason I chose this photo is because I recently though of it. I was thinking how far I’ve become mentally since then.

I had the urge to photograph my feelings lately. Or photograph in combination with a poem. I want to do less commercial work and more work for me, to express myself. Just like this photo. It stood for the bad feeling that was always hunting me and holding me back.

I need to take some time off and photograph these kind of projects again! I love art with a meaning. How do you feel about expressing your feelings, and do you use some kind of art to do it?