Friends are important

“ I’m feeling much better! I think it’s because my friends came back! damn I missed them. Thinking about friends I was wondering what defines a best friend? What are the requirement to be a good best friend? How many hours a week does it entail? Stupid questions that have no answers. A best friend is not defined by how many times they talk on the phone, or how many hours they hang out together. It is not defines by how many sleepovers they gossip at, or how many inside jokes they have. There are no requirements or laws that state a good best friend must hang out with them every weekend, or tell each other every little detail. A best friend is a matter of opinion. It is the person who has been there for you through everything, not just through the fun things, or the little things. It is the person that you call when you are at your absolute worst, it is the person who saves you when you didn’t even noticed that you needed saving, mostly it is the person who accepts you for who you are. And the person that you are becoming.”

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  1. 08/17/2010 / 21:00

    love those pictures.
    loved this, gotta love ur friends 🙂

  2. erik
    08/17/2010 / 20:20

    vooral die tweenaar laatste is supermooi! hoe doe je dat?

  3. Essie
    08/18/2010 / 08:19

    You are my firework!!!

  4. 08/19/2010 / 01:39

    ive always thought of a best friend to be someone u can honestly feel is a part of ur family. you are a better person for them and theyre a better person because of you too. a best friend is someone who just 'makes sense' to you and life is so simple. they're thoughts, feelings, ideas etc. make so much sense and they inspire you each day to be the best you can. love this post <3


  5. 08/19/2010 / 17:02

    the fireworks look amazing ♥
    i've seen such a great fireworks too.
    i made pictures too – little different then yours.
    but that's a long (?) time ago ;p

  6. 08/20/2010 / 15:00

    Fire works [l] i love it!

    xxx Patty

  7. 08/22/2010 / 09:31

    mooi geschreven, word er stil van hihi. en leuke foto's, van het vuurwerk op scheveningen zeker? ik was nog een avond geweest en keek nog bij simonis naar binnen of ik je zag maar nee (U) haha.