Funky fresh dressed to impress, ready to party

“ Yesterday evening I had a great party! My bf P and I had so much fun! I danced all night long. Having laugh kicks. It was just great. except the fact that I curled my hair, but it was already strait before I arrived at the party. Magical how all your worries slip away and all you want to do is dance. But after a wonderful night you wake up in reality. But we’re not going to sit back and let life be awful. No! We fight. So today i really started my diet. This time I will maintain. And I just come back from jogging with a friend. Have to work the entire weekend(like aways). But whatever. Here are the pics from the party! Have a nice, wonderful, peaceful, lovely weekend!”

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  1. 06/12/2010 / 02:25


  2. celeste
    06/12/2010 / 09:18

    dieet? volgens mij ben je net een sprietje :O mooie foto's!

  3. Anonymous
    06/12/2010 / 15:10

    idd dieet? wil jij anorexia ofzo ;P?

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  5. 06/12/2010 / 22:01

    geweldige ogen heb je!

  6. Brit
    06/13/2010 / 17:20

    je ziet er grandioos uit!

  7. Brit
    06/13/2010 / 17:20

    oh dat was toch in locomotion? het is daar echt leuk uit gaan !

  8. 06/14/2010 / 11:40

    I love your photo's [L]

    xxx Patty