This outfit was thrown on completely spontaneously. My step-dad, boyfriend and I decided to go to the biggest oriental supermarket in Europe. Which is practically next to my house. But I told you I needed to get over my fear and shoot outfits more often. They are both not a pro (like my mom). But they will get there!

The glitter sneakers and I go way back. I remember when I bought them. I was all sad and Jeroen persuaded me to go shopping to make me feel better. I got all happy about the shoes, I even had a gift card, so I only paid around 20. But when I got home I though they would turn into something I don’t like very quick.

That did not happen! I am still happy with these shoes. I try not to wear them that often, people do notice them. The most beautiful thing is, when I do wear them. I get lots of compliments! This is also the first time you see my fav new bag in an outfit! I love it so much. The bandana really adds something to it. I also bought a black fluffy ball, so excited!!

Mango jacket
H&M shirt
ONLY jeans
The Sting sneakers
Zara bag


2 Reacties

  1. 08/23/2016 / 18:42

    Ik heb ook net glitter sneakers gekocht! Wel heel andere, maar toch. Glitter sneakers zijn cool 😀 en deze zijn mooi!

    • 08/25/2016 / 11:41

      Leuk! Ik moet deze ook eigenlijk vaker dragen..