Goodmorning loves. This week will be amazing. I will do absolute noting else that would make my happy at that moment and relax all the time. No work or school stress. Just chill. I’m going to catch up with some series. I also started to watch LA Complex. Do you guys know it? And I bought these 3 books. Also going to read those. But I guess I can’t read them all in just one week… Ah well. I am going to start with the hunger games I think? Have you read any of these books?
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  1. 05/05/2013 / 17:43

    The Hunger Games heb ik gelezen, en The Host staat ook hoog op mijn To Read-lijstje! Boeken zijn tof hihi. Liefs!

  2. 05/05/2013 / 20:49

    Ik heb THG gelezen, die eerste lijkt me ook erg tof! Lekker dat je helemaal niks hoeft te doen zeg 😀

  3. 05/06/2013 / 12:01

    Geniet ervan!

  4. 05/06/2013 / 16:30

    The Hunger Games was nog helemaal nieuw voor mij en nu heb ik de film gezien en wil ik alles lezen lezen lezen! 🙂