Finally a post about the graduation party. You might have seen the photo of the cake already? Big hugs and thanks to Chris who photographed the whole evening. Also sending love to the Special Request team who organized it all, and made sure everything looked perfect (and like a Pinterest board). And to you, sorry for the photo overload.

So many people I care about were there with me. Some people from my class became some of my closest friends. So it was also a little their party! We started with wine and talks. More and more people came. The food was so, so, good. Everyone enjoyed it. I have never ever seen people eat so much. I even got a few presents. Mom made a toast for all the people who helped me get where I am today. I got the cake as a surprise!!! It was all chocolate on the inside. Yes, I’ve been eating cake for breakfast even 3 days after the party. But, my mom’s friend made bbq cupcakes!!! Adorable. So very Pinterest again.

There was also a little fight against the rain. We won of course. But most of all it was a good evening. I always feel so much love. I feel the love people have for me. I feel the love I have for them. And I could feel the love they have for each other. It will forever be one of my favorite memories.


11 Reacties

  1. Lauren Louvaine
    07/02/2015 / 10:02

    Wauw ziet er echt gaaf uit, vooral die taart! 😮

    • 07/14/2015 / 13:44

      En de taart was ook echt heerlijk!

  2. andreajanssen
    07/02/2015 / 10:30

    Ziet er supermooi uit!

    07/02/2015 / 20:58

    Wauw, wat zag alles er geweldig uit zeg, echt super. Fijn dat het een mooie avond was!

  4. 07/02/2015 / 23:38

    Wuauw, wauw en wauw! Wat zie je er prachtig uit en wat een geweldige tuin. Nogmaals gefeliciteerd meis! Zo verdiend:) XO

  5. 07/03/2015 / 10:41

    Hele mooie foto’s, volgensmij was het een erg leuk feest en wat zit je haar leuk!

    • 07/14/2015 / 13:43

      Het was zeker leuk, en dankjewel x

  6. The Style HQ
    07/03/2015 / 15:51

    Wauw, echt prachtig!!! Ziet er zo leuk uit!

  7. 07/06/2015 / 20:22

    Wauw, wat ziet dit er gezellig uit!! Alleen de aankleding van de tuin al! Prachtig. Een beetje in een eiland stijl. Super leuk