Are you ready for this long post? I finally got my shit together.

Let’s start with the beginning. When I told you I needed sometime to find a balance in all this, I still worked at the restaurant. That took 2 weeks. I quitted that job for two reasons. I do not see a future there, and it felt more like a torture to work there.

Reason two, my other job as an editor and brand manger is going so well. I also got a few new chances there. Like working on a real magazine, doing the branding of that magazine and the social media, plus all other creative things I like. All I want is a job here after my internship is finished.

I took quite some time to find a balance. I did not want to rush back to blogging. I wanted to be ready. I wanted my fingers to itch and my brain to tickle with creativity. Which it did, almost every day. Looking at things from a distance is necessary sometimes.

I know now I want to keep my blog going, for as long as possible. I barely look at the numbers anymore. I stared this as a creative outlet, and still want it to be like that. I am doing this for me. I enjoy updating, I enjoy taking beautiful photo’s, I enjoy showing behind the scene’s shot, I enjoy sharing my writing and I enjoy letting know what I wore.

Where The life of Joy is going? Who knows. I just have some plans for it and we’ll see how it goes. I really, REALLY, want to work on videos. Even though I am not sure what kind of video’s. But I am working on it. I also want The life of Joy to be more like a diary. This means I will bring my camera everywhere I go. It will be like you are reading a page from my own diary. Together with intimate photo’s

Last but not least. I am also getting a new Macbook. This one I got is getting slow, I defiantly need a quicker one for work and y blog/photography.

Like I said before, I am doing this for me. I care about my little piece of the internet. I also love to go back the older pages and see what I was doing back then. I don’t know if I ever could quit. But now that I finally got my shit together, I will be posting on a regular basis. What do you think about the new plans? And did you think I did a good job taking a break and finding the balance?


4 Reacties

  1. Joy
    05/24/2016 / 12:14

    Goed om idd soms even afstand te nemen… Zit er zelf ook aan te denken.


    • 05/25/2016 / 09:28

      Vind het heel jammer! ik geniet van je blog. Maar soms is het even goed om te doen. Stiekem was het ook best lekker. Maar uit eindelijk miste ik het te veel en kriebelde men vingers!

  2. 05/27/2016 / 19:28

    ooit heb je dat even nodig! Even alles op een rijtje zetten en weten waar je je energie in gaat steken. En het is mooi als je naast al je wekelijkse dingen nog gewoon lekker kunt blijven bloggen 🙂

    • 05/29/2016 / 15:45

      Ik ben echt heel blij dat ik naast mijn werk gewoon kan blijven bloggen! Ik ga beginnen met 2 keer per week, en dat even aan kijken 🙂